We Micro Chip our Puppies

Email from Kim

~~A couple months ago, we were fortunate enough to see a Springer thrown out of the back of a truck. We turned around and picked her up. We spent all weekend posting pictureson FB trying to find her owner. Of course, my family fell in love with her....we named her Copper. Then, on Monday night, I thought of the microchip possibility. My Husband took her into the vet on Tuesday and as it turns out, the owner was actually a client of theirs and she was returned to her owner. My daughters were devastated (although they completely understood why we had to give her back), but what surprised me the most was the effect Copper had on my Husband. I've never seen him bond with an animal like he did with her. He talked about her for weeks. So........my thought is that a Springer of his own would be the PERFECT Christmas gift for the love of my life! (And the joy one would bring to my daughters and myself would just be an added bonus!!!)

Lanewood Kennel

Faye and I decider several years ago to add the security of Micro Chips to our Springers. It takes only one call from a grateful owner thanking us for providing this special service to make it all worthwhile.

August 2012

Lost Springer

We received a call from ~~AKC Reunite~~requesting information about a chip number that had been traced to Lanewood Kennel. A beautiful one year old Springer Spaniel had wandered up to a horse farm in south Georgia, 40 miles from home. He was taken to a Veterinary Clinic and scanned for identification. The Chip ID showed no registered and therefore showed no information about his home and family. A call to AKC Reunite traced the chip ID back to us and we in turn traced it back to the owner. When we called the family about the news they were overjoyed.



~~AKC Reunite, the nation's largest non-profit pet recovery service, formerly known as AKC Companion Animal Recovery, today revealed its new name, logo and website. www.akcreunite.org

 Pet owners will instantly connect with the new name - AKC Reunite - and recognize AKC Reunite as the trusted service that can help keep them with their pets when the unthinkable happens. “More and more of our customers already know the importance of pet recovery from a trusted source. The way home for lost pets – easily identifies for the consumer the concept and value of pet recovery in case their pets are lost or stolen. AKC Reunite has created more than 400,000 happy reunions as pet owners choose pet recovery as a way to protect their valued family members."